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13 Unforgettable Belfast Stag Do Ideas

If you’re planning a Belfast stag do, then you’ll need our top ideas to make your lads’ weekend away epic and unforgettable.

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Belfast is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK; famous for its shipbuilding history – including the construction of the Titanic, producing rope and tobacco and, in more recent times, as a global filming location for productions, such as Game of Thrones, The Fall, and the amazing Line of Duty. 

That all sounds great but you don’t give a toss if you’re looking for Belfast stag do ideas, right?

Belfast is a cracking stag party destination, with wild nightlife, adrenaline activities, quality pints, breweries and distilleries from there to Timbuktu and plenty more. Check out our top 13 ideas for an awesome stag weekend away in Belfast to get your planning juices flowing.

1. SKY Trek and zip trails

If you like a bit of adventure, the outskirts of Belfast plays host to the city’s first double 90-metre Ziplines, in addition to a 16-metre-high ropes course set amongst the Belfast Hills, and a lower, 5-metre course, for those who might be a *wee* bit scared of heights.

As Belfast stag do ideas come, this is a popular choice for those who like being outdoor and are fans of adrenaline rushes.  It’s all very Mission: Impossible…and what could be better than that?

2. Golf

Ireland is famous for many things, including its golfing pedigree. If you like a relaxing round the with lads, there are plenty of courses to choose as a Belfast stag do idea.

If you’re a very keen golfer, the championship courses at Royal County Down and Royal Portrush are also only an hour away from Belfast city centre, so there’s plenty of scope for heading up north or further south as an extra special treat for your weekend with the boys.

3. Rally car and off-road driving

Booking up a rally session gives you the chance to drive the way you want to without having the Police chasing you down the M6. As a Belfast stag do idea, this is pretty sweet activity for all the lads. You can strap into a front wheel or rear wheel drive rally car, as well as an off-road jeep, and spent the afternoon flying around a track, or out in the countryside, kicking up muck.

Not only can you do some driving yourself, but you also get the chance to ride shotgun with a professional driver, who will show you just how it’s done. Dressing up as The Stig is optional. 

4. Jawbox distillery

Northern Ireland has some outstanding distilleries dotted across its length, but Belfast has its very own artisan gin maker in Jawbox. This independent distillery can be toured with the lads and is conveniently located just outside the city, which isn’t always something you find elsewhere.

With its traditional copper stills and methods, it’s become a prime product, just five years after launching its first small batch gin. It now offers a range of gins, including two liqueurs. As Belfast created ginger beer, it would be rude not to enjoy the two Irish specialties together. Belfast stag do ideas don’t have to be restricted to beer cellars and whiskey. Particularly not when they’ve got so much more to offer. 

5. Urban axe throwing

Unless you work as a lumberjack or you’re a secret murderer, it’s entirely possible you’ve never used an axe.  There’s not that much call for axe usage in the city. However, if your life is shamefully axe-free, let us introduce you to the activity you didn’t know you needed. If your Belfast stag do ideas border on the dangerous, this might float your boat.

You can take aim with your sharpened axe, get some tips from your professional coach, and throw like the man you are. Channel your inner Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and pick up some helpful skills just in case the world should succumb to a zombie apocalypse, and you need to step up to the plate to save some random people you meet in the street.

Let’s face it, these days, it probably doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it would have in back in 2018. How we laughed when TWD started on the telly. How we’ve watched it back since then, just in case. 

6. Beer goggle football

Everyone has experienced beer googles at some point in their adult life, but have you ever worn them to play football? We think not. This Belfast stag do idea involves 5-a-side game for between 1-2 hours (depending on the size of your group) and is a hilarious attempt at trying to show off your silky soccer skills while wearing binocular which either make the ball look way closer, or further away than it actually is.

Free kicks become a thing nightmares are made of and trying to pretend you’re Allison Becker in goals is a non-starter. Each session booking allows you participate in several different games, including the massively popular Crossbar Challenge, Beat the Goalie, and Circuit Races. It’s daft, it’s difficult, and you’ll have a ball. Pun intended.

7. Indoor skydiving

Located in the city’s iconic Titanic Quarter, this is latest adrenaline-filled adventure available in Belfast. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at sky diving but didn’t fancy doing it outside in the wild, you can try it out without subjecting yourself to the UKs changeable weather.

With the power of 120mph wind beneath the wings you don’t actually have, it’s time to be weightless and free in a way you never thought possible. Plus, you know if you fall to the ground, you’ll land on a padded surface. And you can’t say that when you’re outside, can you? 

8. Belfast pub experience

Booking a private experience in a real bar is a great Belfast stag do idea to let you and the lads get a taste (quite literally) of the real city culture and craic. As well as traditional Irish music and dance, you will have the chance to taste a range of local beer, cider, gin, whiskey, and potato vodka with the locals.

There’s also a showing of The Belfast Story to give clue you up on the history and culture of the famous city. It’s a great night and always good for a few laughs.

9. Ollie’s

Ollie’s nightclub is a famous Belfast landmark, known for its luxurious surroundings. Located in the beautiful surrounds on the Cathedral Quarter, the club offers an eye-watering cocktail and drinks menu and regularly hosts world-famous DJs. If your Belfast stag do ideas include partying away ‘til the wee small hours of the morning, this is the perfect up-market venue.

If you don’t want to do too much mingling, hire yourselves a private table for the best in VIP treatment and the chance to jump the queues right to the front door/bar.

10. Mobile team adventure

If your middle name is Adventure, you can book up with the mobile adventure team and spend a day indulging in some rafting, kayaking, climbing or archery (or all). This is a great Belfast stag do idea for fitness fanatics, or anyone who enjoys being outdoors and/or getting wet.

The events give you a chance to try out something new and, potentially, even find yourself a new hobby. Plus, with the new surroundings and with all your mates in tow, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

11. Crumlin Road Gaol and the Peace Wall

If you fancy learning about the history of Belfast during The Troubles, these are two must-see sights. Crumlin Road Gaol is brimming with stories of executions, hangmen, underground tunnels, and escapes.

It was previously known as the Alcatraz of Europe and closed as a prison in 1996.  Although many Belfast stag do ideas surround the city’s many bars and clubs, a bit of history hurts no one and, as you’ll likely be somewhat familiar with some of Belfast’s darker history, this is a chilling but very important part of that.

In addition, the colourful murals of the Peace Walls also depict the history and divides of the city. The main walls are located between The Falls Road and Shankhill Road in West Belfast, famous for being erected in a bid to reduce sectarian tensions between the local Loyalist and Nationalist communities who lived there. 

12. Pedi bus tour

Navigate your way around some of the top attractions in Belfast by booking access for you and your mates to the pedal powered party push bike! This pedi bus relies on your cycling prowess, but lets you sip a few of your favourite beers while you do it. There must be some sort of licence for it because the PSNI never seem to make traffic stops to administer field sobriety tests. Amen to that.

This is great fun as a Belfast stag do idea as it allows you to multi-task, which we understand might be difficult at first (sorry…). Drinking and working out has rarely been this much fun.

13. Extreme dodgeball

If you like hitting your mates with you balls, this might well be the game for you. If you’ve watched the Ben Stiller movie, you’ll largely know how the game goes and how the basic premise is to hurl a ball at the opposition players in the hope of hitting them and knocking them out of the game.

With this bookable activity, you get your own instructor, 60-90 minutes to play and all the equipment you require. It’s time to doge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge along with Patches O’Houlihan and the squad in this fun Belfast stag do idea.  


Belfast is a diverse, modern city, filled with lively characters and fun-loving locals. It’s the perfect spot for stag party weekend with your mates and a great place to chill out or go wild before you say, ‘I do’.

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