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8 Top COVID Stag Party Ideas You Can Still Do

Struggling trying to come up with COVID stag party ideas during this pandemic? Skip the stress. We’ve put together a list of realistic and still epic options that can still go ahead.

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Struggling trying to come up with COVID stag party ideas during this pandemic?

We know there is a lot of uncertainty around booking activities, meals and accommodation for a stag party during the Coronavirus pandemic. With problems around indoor activities, suppliers closing and getting answers from anyone, it might seem impossible to plan a stag party right now. 

Skip the stress. We’ve put together a list of realistic and still epic COVID stag party ideas that can still go ahead. Whether you book with us here at The Stag’s Balls or you go it alone, it is still possible to have an unforgettable stag party without worrying about COVID-19.

COVID Stag Party Ideas

We’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the most popular COVID stag party ideas that you are your lads can still book in or organise for yourselves.

1. Camping Weekend 

Get together with the lads and go away for a camping weekend out in the wilds. This is one of our top COVID stag party ideas because it doesn’t take too much planning, it’s cheap and it still gives your lads quality time together.

Enjoy the outdoors while you barbeque, play games, drink and just hang out with your stag party lads. Sleep in a tent or RV and experience the great outdoors while still celebrating the stag and avoiding COVID restrictions. Nothing screams boys’ weekend more than a getaway camping extravaganza. 

Check out stag party destinations for camping options or chat with one of our Booking Managers for advice. But, honestly, this is also something your group can easily organise without a stag planning company like us. Do what suits you best.

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2. Paintball 

What better way to celebrate the stag than to pummel him mercilessly with paintballs? 

This stag party activity is one of our most popular for a reason – it’s a classic, you can shoot the bejesus out of each other and it’s a safe outdoor option during the pandemic. Play in teams or make it an all-in shoot out where every lad plays for himself and see who comes out on top.

This activity is very popular and can be booked with us all over Ireland and the UK. Choose your top stag destination and go paintballing wherever it suits you. 

3. Backyard BBQ 

Looking for something to do outside while getting a meal in on your stag weekend? A backyard BBQ is a great COVID stag party idea! 

Nothing is better than barbequing with your lads on a warm summer evening. Make it a laid back event and chill with your lads or get as crazy as wanted and booze up your backyard with good beers, great music and embarrassing games. Just make sure the meat is quality and the drinks are flowing to make this simple idea still feel epic.

This is a popular stag party option during the pandemic because it’s local, it’s tasty and it won’t break the bank.

4. Quad Biking  

Quad biking is an ideal COVID stag party idea because it’s outside, socially distanced and it’s definitely a unique experience for your group.

Get your stag lads cruising around a muddy terrain driving course with hills, spills and plenty of obstacles. You will have a tour guide and proper gear to ensure your safety while still having a blast.

If your group love the great outdoors or they’re serious petrol-heads, then quad biking is the right stag party activity choice for your weekend away.

5. Spirit Tasting 

It’s almost universally true that a stag party involves a few pints or shots.

If you’ve got some bottles of whiskey or bourbon gathering dust in a back cabinet somewhere, then make use of them for your stag party plans! Create your own tasting session with some quality drops of your favourites drinks or book in a professional tasting session in a distillery or brewery with us here at The Stag’s Balls.

Not all COVID stag party ideas have to get boozy but, if the groom and your stag do lads are keen on a drink, then this is an easy option to bring some class to your event, enjoy some time together and try some new top spirits.

6. Old School Sports Day  

Also known as the “Stag Olympics”, this is a great team-focused activity to do with your stags. 

Games might include giant Jenga challenge, bean bag toss, archery, catchphrase and more! Stay safe outside during the pandemic with this old school stag do idea.

This activity is a popular one and can be booked with us in most destinations in Ireland and the UK. Choose your destination and see if Stag Olympics is an option for you. 

7. Bubble Football 

Forming “bubbles” has been a big hit, ever since COVID entered our lives. So why not bring them into your stag party plans as well?

Ge your lads into some giant inflatables and run into each other while hopelessly trying to score goals. This hilarious version of football is a popular activity to do with your stags. Form your own teams and get competitive with hits, tumbles, hilarious tackles and plenty of time spent on your arses.

We couldn’t leave this off our list of COVID stag party ideas because it’s outside, it’s safe, it’s affordable and you can book it in almost all of our destinations in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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8. Water Sports 

If you love the outdoors or looking to experience outdoor activities during your stag weekend these water sports activities are perfect for a stag party during covid. 

Watersports are a fun way to get outdoors, grab some sun and cool down out on the water with your stag party group. Try your hand at kayaking, surfing or even coasteering. Watersports are always fun stag activity option and we know all the lads will enjoy the experience. 

Make your stag party one to remember with these epic water sport activities. Book with us in any of our coastal or riverside destinations in Ireland, the UK or Europe.

COVID Guidelines

We do recommend you check out your country’s local Coronavirus guidelines before choosing which of these COVID stag party ideas you’re going to choose:


We know planning a stag party during covid can be difficult. All your planning with the lads may have felt like a waste of time. This is why The Stags Balls can help you plan a truly legendary stag party, with so many COVID stag party ideas to choose from.

Whatever you pick, we know you will have a stag party that the lads will never forget, even during the pandemic. These COVID Stag party ideas will not disappoint!

Need help with your Stag Party?

If you’re in stag research mode, check out all of our stag party destinations and stag do ideas.

For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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