8 Top Tips For Organising A Stag Night

8 Top Tips For Organising A Stag Night

Our guide to help you decide the best way to go about organising a stag night!

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The job of organising a stag night isn’t as simple as it once was. Stag parties have gone from a few drinks in the local to weekend breaks to some of Europe’s best cities in a very short space of time. But there a few Do’s and Don’ts when organising a stag night.

Here at The Stag’s Balls, we have put together a guide that will help you organise and decide the best way to ensure the night runs smoothly, without any hiccups!

Organising A Stag Night

1. Keep the numbers down

Invite only the people who matter. Don’t forget each friend already has a wide circle of friends, so avoid sending it out on social media for everyone to see. Set up a Whatsapp group that only those invited have access to.

You can also use our bespoke Stag Party Management Platform to send out a link to the potential group to make sure they like the itinerary before proceeding.

2. Host a pre-Stag

Maybe some of the group don’t know everyone, so get a few of the lads out for a pint before the stag night and get them acquainted in advance. This will help when organising a stag night later on.

3. Don’t (publicly) do anything you wouldn’t want shared online

Remember: these days, everything is on the record, so keep your actions low-key (or away from any cameras).

It is not just the lads in the group that can take videos of your group and share them online.

4. The Stag doesn’t pay

Consider sharing his costs between the group – he’s already forking out for a wedding, so do the decent thing!

Our system has the option to chip in for the cost of the stag if required – just look for the Pay For The Stag item in the list of activities and add it to your itinerary to get your stag lad sorted.

5. Be careful with public shaming

Avoid breaking the law or relationships with any public shaming antics.

The enforced wearing of chicken costumes, enforced drinking game forfeits, enforced nudity can be great fun in certain situations but just remember they are not always suitable and can cause more hassle than they are worth in certain situations.

6. Line your stomachs

A wise man once said “eating is cheating”, but a wiser man ate and didn’t wish for death to take him away the morning after.

Eat a big breakfast, eat a bigger lunch, eat lots of bread with the dinner, and eat some more. You don’t want to be “That Guy” – so inebriated he has to retire early.

Also, booking a half-decent restaurant goes a long way.

7. A ‘Sten’ is perfectly acceptable

Granted a “sten” or “hag” party is not ideal for all groups, sometimes the lads just want to down tools and have a boys’ weekend away.

In saying that, there is a growing trend for mixed groups to celebrate together. This is especially of interest if there are lots of singletons in both friendship circles.

Just remember if the stag wants to invite his female friends, or even join forces with his fiancée’s hen party, that’s A-OK. It’s his day, not yours.

8. Last, but most important – your Stag’s wishes

Consider what the stag would do if he was given a weekend to do whatever he wanted. Would he like quad biking in Carrick-on-Shannon, paintballing in Amsterdam or a beer bus in Prague?


Whatever he is into, make it happen with The Stag’s Balls and our range of activities and locations! When organising a stag night, make sure it’s how the stag would like it and not just your interests!

Check out our IrishUK or European destinations to start planning.

Need help with your Stag Party?

If you’re in stag research mode, check out all of our stag party destinations and stag do ideas.

For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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