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When we’re invited on a stag party, the first thing we ask is: “What are we doing?”. The stag do activities you choose are the highlight of the event, so it’s important to get them right.

Most popular stag do activities

We’ve hand-picked the very best stag do activities from across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. You canย book a single activityย or build your own on your chosen destination page.

Activity FAQs

We think a real stag should involve one or two stag do activities. It brings a lads trip away to a whole new level and lets you try things you’d never otherwise do.

However, booking an activity isn’t a necessity for an incredible stag party. You could go bush and head off camping, book some accommodation and just run your own tour of local pubs or have a gaming weekend in the loungeroom โ€“ whatever suits your group best.

  • Talk with the groom: We know you probably want to keep the groom in the dark about most of the stag weekend plans and we agree! Just make sure to touch base with him about his absolutely do’s and don’ts before you go and book anything.
  • Make it appropriate to the group: If you have younger, older or disabled group members, then make sure you choose activities that everyone can take part in.
  • Consider distance: If you’ve decided where you’re going to stay for your stag weekend, then make sure you choose activities that you can easily travel to and from. Decide if you’ll need to hire a bus, get taxis, drive your own cars, walk down the street or have them come to you.
  • Keep to your theme or style: If you’ve chosen a stag party theme or you’re trying planning stag party costumes, then having the activity work well with that idea can be great fun.
  • Consider the venue: Some activities can come to you, other activities you go to them. Some activities have a venue provided by the supplier and other activities require you to organise a venue. Make sure to read each activity’s detailed description to make sure it suits your location and plans.
  • Remember minimum numbers: Some activities require a minimum group size to book them. Make sure you check this detail before committing to a particular option.

The number of activities you plan depends on how many days the stag do goes for.

  • 1 night stag parties: We recommend 1 day activity and 1 evening/night activity.ย 
  • 2 night stag parties: We recommend 1 day activity per day (2 total) and 1 night activity per evening (2 total).

You can book more than this but just make sure you spread them throughout the day so you’re not rushing around!ย 

You should start planning the stag party at least 3-6 months before the trip date. If you’re not sure which activities you’d like yet, you can just secure your accommodation first and then add one or more stag do activities to your booking later.

We will always do our best to try and help you book in the activities you’d like, even if it’s last-minute though! It can never be guaranteed but we’ll do our best.

Stag party group politics can definitely be a challenge โ€“ we’re sorry if this is happening to you.

Ultimately, this event is about the groom celebrating before he ties the knot. So, if your group have tried to discuss which stag party activities they’d like and can’t agree, then we’d recommend going back to the source of all truth. Talk to the groom and hint at a few of the different ideas (without all the details) and ask him which ones he’d prefer. No one can argue with that!

Chat with us

We’d love to chat about your stag do plans! Contact us and we’ll get back to you asap to help you chat about your stag party activities.

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