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Book the best Stag Party nights and packages in the UK with The Stag's Balls. We have the ultimate Stag Do UK accommodation, activities and weekend deals at the best prices.
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Top UK Stag Party destinations

The most popular locations for a stag do in the UK based on all of our past groups and where they’ve chosen to book.

All UK Stag Do destinations

Choose from Stag Do UK destinations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it:

If you don’t see the location you’re thinking of, then let us know! We’re always adding new stag party destinations and we genuinely want to help create your ideal lads’ weekend away.

Ideas for a UK Stag Do

Why book a UK Stag Party?

The UK is home to some of the most vibrant and unique cities and towns to go on a stag party tour with your group. Choose from the locations like:

  • Party cities
  • Relaxed coastal spots
  • Quieter towns
  • Out of the way spots near spectacular natural sights

The sheer number of choices means you and your lads can build a stag do in the UK that meets everyone’s expectations and budgets.

To help give you flexibility, you can book a single item, just accommodation or build your own stag party package. The lads in your group can even choose which items in your itinerary they’d like to pay for and take part in. That way, everyone can go but they can customise their own trip to keep it affordable.

Whether you’re travelling to the UK from abroad or staying close to home for your stag do, one of our UK stag party destinations will definitely live up to expectations.


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