The Stag Party Pranks Playbook

Find the perfect stag party pranks to play on the future Mr Whipped. The classics, the way out there's and the ones you'll absolutely get in trouble with 'her' for..
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Why you must prank

No real stag party is complete without a hilarious prank to stitch up the groom-to-be. If you are the best man, or the organiser, you must step up to the plate and take care of business.

Failing to have a plan to get your stag mankini-ed and chained to a lamppost is a major boo-boo. Life is too short and he will only have one last night of freedom (this year anyway) to embarrass the life out of him. So make the most of it!

Stag party prank rules are simple (and necessary) as there can be problems if “thongs” are taken too far:

  • The stag must not receive any lasting physical or mental scares and things like Viagra and laxatives can kill, so be careful.
  • You are both morally and legally responsible for the stag. If the cops or his lawyers don’t get you…the fiancé will!
  • Don’t prank in a way that will put the public in danger.
  • Your stag party pranks must be chosen because you know the groom best – what’s the right amount of embarrassment with the right theme/idea that’ll make him go red in the face but still have a good laugh after?

Most people don’t have the time or brainpower to think up creative stag party prank ideas for the weekend of madness. So, to help you fine gents out, we at The Stag’s Balls have compiled a list of the top Stag Party Pranks to give your creative juices a kick start.

5 Questions to answer before you prank

  1. What kind of person is the groom and what does that mean for choosing an appropriate (or brilliantly inappropriate) prank? For example, how would he react to being embarrassed in public? Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries but make sure you don’t lose friendships over it.
  2. What materials will you need? Make sure you have everything with you on the day.
  3. Do you need to word anyone up about what you’re planning? E.g. if you kidnap him in broad daylight, is someone going to unwittingly call the cops?
  4. How to record it for permanent and embarrassing prosperity? Will you film it? Will you post it on YouTube? Will you send him a photo montage as a keepsake?
  5. Safety first? We have to mention this one. Just be careful that your prank doesn’t put anyone in serious danger of injury or death.


These are just a few stag party prank ideas for you and your lads. Just remember, the stag can’t have any lasting mental or physical scars and think through the prank before embarking on it. You are obliged to embarrass the pubes out of him, though!

If you’re really stuck for ideas or you’d like to chat with a team member about your stag do trip ideas, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk everything through.

Check out our guide to the best stag party ideas and browse The Stag’s Balls Blog for more stag pain-spiration.

Whichever stag party prank idea you go with, just make sure you go all in and make it something the groom will never forget. We also recommend you grab a camera, record it for posterity and send it to us at or @thestagsballs on social media.

Proof of your pranking prowess will help you to go down in stag party history here at The Stag’s Balls.

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