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7 Stages Of Organising A Stag Party

A survival guide to help make your stag party planning process simple!

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Organising A Stag Party

Stage 1. Honour

Woohoo! You have been chosen as the Best Man for your best mate and you have the honour of organising a Stag Party.. but it needs to be the most epic stag party of this century! No pressure… This will be easy peasy. Bunch of lads, couple of pubs, bit of grub, sure what else is there to it?

Stage 2. Realisation

It finally sinks in that this is all on your shoulders, and you are actually organising a stag party!

You send a text around to the lads to see who wants to go and what they’d like to do and you’re bombarded with “I dunno’s” and “Whatever, sure as long as there’ll be pints”. You are on your own. This is your best friend (or brother or, god forbid…your boss) that has chosen you to be his right hand man, you need to make this Stag a success!

Stage 3. Planning

You finally get a count of how many lads are coming and then you just need to choose the destination. Make it easy on yourself and check out all of the destinations offered here at The Stag’s Balls in Ireland, the UK and Europe. This is more like it! Flick through each city and get inspired by what’s on offer and you’ll get a much better feel for the kind of package your stag party lads will thank you for.

  • Step 1: Choose accommodation

Choose from hostels, self catering accommodation, apartments, guest houses and hotels. You can also sort your own accommodation if you prefer – we’re easy!

  • Step 2: Select day activities

Choose from foot golf, go karting, clay pigeon shooting, paintball, quad biking, whiskey or beer tasting, zip lining, beer bike tour – every city offers something different.

  • Step 3: Select night activities

Choose from pub crawls, VIP night clubs, barbecues, dinners, strip clubs, a booze cruise, drinks and taster sessions and so much more.

  • Step 4: Submit your booking request for free

Once you’ve built your stag party package, all you need to do is submit it through the website so we can check availability. It’s free and only takes 30 seconds! Set up an account and share the invite link with the lads. They can then log in and select which activities they want to take part in and make their payments online.

Stage 4. Relax

Now it’s time to relax and let us here at The Stags Balls do the work!

We will take payment from the lads, so you don’t have to worry about collecting any money when organising a stag party! The accommodation and activities will be booked by us for your group so all you need to do is make sure everyone has paid up and then you can sit back, open a beer and relax.

Stage 5. Let the fun begin

Now that the weight is off your shoulders, you can start to add some fun into this weekend you have planned by adding dares for the lads or planning some pranks on the groom. Check out our full list of pranks and dares to keep the party going with laughs and hilarious memories. There are so many options to choose from which will add to what is already a fantastic weekend.

Stage 6. The fear

It’s the morning after the night before and everyone is dead to the world. Nothing a pint and a fry up won’t fix! After “the cure” it’s time to pack the bags, make sure you haven’t lost anyone and set out for home.

Stage 7. Receive the praise

The weekend has been a success, and all that organising a stag party that you were dreading was worth it! Your lads loved the activities you chose and you managed to keep it more interesting than a pub crawl on your local high street.

Now it’s your time to take the praise as the greatest Best Man going as the stories of the Stag’s Balls stag party weekend are recounted over pints for years to come! Or at least until the wedding, when more banter and memories are made!

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If you have any questions about particular activities or about the booking process, check out our FAQs, chat with us online or contact us and we’ll be happy to talk it through!

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