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Is It A Stag, Bulls, Bucks, Or Bachelor?

Depending where in the world you are, the last night of freedom has different names. Do you call it stags or a bachelor party?

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Did you know there are a few different terms for what we in the UK and Ireland traditionally call the ‘stag’ Night?

From the popular term bachelor party in the US to Bulls in South Africa there are different terms for the big night for the guys.

Depending on what part of the world you live in, there are various ‘animal’ derived names that essentially all have the same meaning. So if your mate from ‘down under’ sends you a text asking you; “What’s the plan for the bucks’? Rest assured he’s not asking you for that $50 you owe him since you visited him in Sydney in 1992! He just wants to know what you have lined up for the long-awaited stag night!

Or in other words, what’s the plan for the crazy one-night bachelor party?

What is a Stag Party?

The term used to describe the last night of freedom in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

What is a Bucks Night?

The term they use for a stag party in Australia.

What is a Bulls Night?

The term they use for stag parties in South Africa.

What is a Bachelor Party?

This term is most commonly used in the United States for the groom’s last fling away with his mates. Visit this bachelor site to learn more about what it’s like for a man’s last night of freedom in the US.

Generally, all of the above mean the same thing: drinking, activities, hotel overnights and sometimes flights to far-flung destinations.

The specifics are going to vary depending on the type of party you throw, but no matter which ‘beast’ your trip is named after, the best man or organiser’s general responsibilities are to:

  • create the guest list and get it approved by the groom,
  • figure out a date and time that works for everyone,
  • decide on a budget that works for everyone or get people to chip in for your cash-poor friends,
  • figure out the best destination (bars, strip clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and daytime activities) your stag will love most,
  • book your chosen activities and/or accommodation with The Stag Balls (it only takes 2 minutes and is free to submit!),
  • invite the lads into your booking with The Stag’s Balls using a shareable link or their emails,
  • make your own individual payments online (no collecting money),
  • head off on the stag trip and have an awesome time away with your groom and his best mates in tow.


No matter if your planning stags, bulls, bucks, or a bachelor party we know you will not regret your last night of freedom.

If you’re not sure about destinations, browse through all of our locations in Ireland, the UK and Europe for some inspiration!

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