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3 Ideas For Best Man Speech Visual Gags

Add something unique with one of these Best Man speech visual gags that you can use to hilarious effect.

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Best man speech visual gags


A great Best Man speech should contain at least one prop. Something physical to produce during your speech can really break it up nicely and provide some comic relief from what is often the last in a long line of speeches on the day. Below are a few tried and tested Best Man speech visual gags you could consider.

Best Man speech visual gags

1. Keys Gag

‘Firstly, to all the gentlemen in the room, Sarah is now a married lady. She has taken the vows and I don’t think I need remind you that marriage is sacred. Will anyone present today, still with a key to Sarah’s house, please now surrender it by throwing it into this bucket.’  (Wait while stooges in audience line up to throw keys into the bucket. Now wait until the laughing stops, then take a key out of your own pocket and put in the bucket). 

2. Long Speech Gag 

This one always gets a laugh. It can be used to poke fun at yourself by pretending that; ‘It’s a great honour to be the Best Man on this special day. This day is not all about me, so I will just say a few words as a way of introducing myself…’ at this point take out one flash card (that is essentially a prop as it’s really a long piece of paper folded like an accordion, bookended by two flashcards, so when held up it just looks like one flash card) and let the bottom drop down to the floor so it looks like a huge speech. This can also work great when you are ‘reading messages from the groom’s ex-girlfriends’ etc. A risky one, so know your crowd. 

3. Caricatures 

A great gift to pull out half-way through the speech to break things up nicely and something that always goes down well with both the guests and the happy couple is a caricature or funny picture. I personally have seen great reactions to these. A good caricature shows real thought and are also very funny. By getting the couple to open it up and show the guests creates a great reaction all round. All their major personality traits can be included, and a picture like this really does tell a thousand words. 


We hope you find the right idea for your Best Man speech visual gags and props. Let us know how it goes and reach out if you have an idea that you think should be added to the list!

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