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10 Best Ideas For Booking A Stag Party After Covid

Is it finally time for the big blowout before the wedding? Do it properly with these top ideas for a stag party after covid.

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Lads playing bubble football for a stag party after covid
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Remember back in March 2020 when we thought we’d be in lockdown for a mere 6 weeks? Now, almost 2 years and multiple lockdowns later, we might finally be getting back to normal, with maybe just a few restrictions remaining. Amen to that. If you’ve fallen victim to Weddageddon and had to postpone, reschedule, postpone again, and reschedule another time, it’s likely you’re ready to get this show on the road. Here are our best ideas for booking a stag party after covid. 

1. Urban axe throwing

Unless you work as a lumberjack or you’re a serial killer, it’s entirely possible you’ve never used an axe. Until now… Axe throwing is the activity you didn’t know you needed to take part in. If you want to really go for it with your stag party after covid, we love this unique idea. You can take aim with your sharpened axe, get some tips from your professional coach, and throw like the man you are.

Channel your inner Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and pick up some helpful skills just in case the world should succumb to a zombie apocalypse, and you need to step up to the plate to save some random people you meet in the street. Let’s face it, these days, it probably doesn’t seem quite as far fetched as it would have in back in 2018. How we laughed when TWD started on the telly. How we’ve watched it back since then, just in case. 

2. Garden Glastonbury

If you have your own garden, or one of your mates has a decent amount of space, why not host your own Glastonbury as a stag party after covid? You could hire a gazebo as a bar and indoor seating area, set up a food stall for snacks, get everyone to bring their tents along for some overnight comfort and recreate you very own mini festival.

Hire out or borrow a project and large screen to set up in a bit of space and hook up to YouTube. That way, you can relive Stormzy, The Killers, and all the other main headliners who have rocked the main stage over the years. Get your plastic cups out, fill them with warm beer, and it’ll almost feel like you’re really there, but without the massive crowds and difficultly finding all the port-a-loos. Hunter wellies are an optional extra.

3. Bubble football

If you’ve ever watched Ronaldo and wondered why he sometimes goes down so easily, invite him along for a game of bubble football with your mates and let him see how enjoyable falling over can be when you’re encased in a massive protective bubble. Scoring goals against your friends has never been more difficult, but also never quite to hilarious, either.

The game has rules for the most part, but they’re usually quicky forgotten in favour of hacking each other to bits in the hope of knocking someone over just to watch them struggle to get back up. It’s not easy. At ALL. If you’ve missed gong to the games due to the pandemic and need some action in your life, this is the perfect stag party after covid rules have eased. Note: you will *not* be able to sing ‘we can see you sneaking out’, because sneaking anywhere while encased in a giant bubble is completely impossible.

4. Weekend club and bar pass

Depending on your destination, buying up a bunch of weekend club and bar passes for you and the lads gives you free access to a few select venues. This means you can ditch getting your wallet out every time you try to enter a club or bar, and you can spend a bit more time relaxing and chilling out with the lads.

If your group is planning a pub and club crawl, it’s the perfect solution to your stag party, after covid restrictions ease. This might be the first time you’ve been out to a club since Lockdown 1, so it’ll be amazing to finally let loose and have a blowout night on the town.  

5. Extreme dodgeball

If you like hitting your mates with you balls, this might well be the game for you. If you’ve watched the Ben Stiller movie, you’ll largely know how the game goes and how the basic premise is to hurl a ball at the opposition players in the hope of hitting them and knocking them out of the game.

With this bookable activity, you get your own instructor, 60-90 minutes to play and all the equipment you require. It’s time to doge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge along with Patches O’Houlihan and the squad in this fun idea for a stag party after covid. 

Man playing paintball for a stag party after covid
Photo created by pvproductions

6. Paintball 

Everyone loves shooting and blasting, dressed in overalls while diving around the forest. This explains why paintball remains one of the most popular ideas for a stag party after covid (and before, obviously). We love pretending to be Bruce Willis in Nakatomi Plaza, shooting up German terrorists and saving the world.

A paintballing session gives us the chance to do just that. With the choice of up to 13 different games to choose from and so many different settings, this can be a great way to kick off a stag party after covid and spend some time letting off steam before a night on the town. 

7. Footgolf

If you like both sports, think it’s time they were combined into one and don’t fancy heading a golf ball, you might want to try footgolf instead. The balls are much easier to hit, way easier to find in a bunker, and you don’t have to carry a stupid bag around 18 holes. In footgolf, you just fire the ball around with your feet and there are no putters or 9-irons needed. You might still be able to drive around in one of those amazing carts, though.

Booking footgolf for a stag party after covid comes along with a coordinator, all equipment, and the offer of prizes throughout the day. You can always throw in some forfeits and dares to up the ante on your round. 

8. Draw a nude

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Renaissance painter? Or even just Jack from Titanic? Draw someone like one of those French girls with an organised nude drawing class. For 90 minutes, feast your eyes on the female form and see if you can improve on your school day stick drawings.

To be honest, even if you end up drawing a Picasso-like masterpiece, it’ll just add to the hilarity. You’ll get a professional artist as a tutor, a nude model (obviously), and a 90-minute slot to Velasquez the HELL out of your model. If it’s really good, you might want to take it home and suggest you hang it in the lounge?? Ok, maybe not. 

9. Flyboarding

If your crew are keen on water sports…of a certain kind, then why not take your stag party for a spot of flyboarding on the river? If you want to feel like you’re flying above the lake, under a massive jet of water, you’ll probably revel in the chance to do something this unique. After all, it’s not the most run of the mill activity for a stag party after covid, is it?

You’ll get all the relevant safety equipment and training before you’re let loose and, you never know, you might end up with a new hobby that your partner is sure to absolutely adore… 

10. Rally driving

There are many tracks across the UK and Ireland that you can book up for a rally driving experience with your mates. Whether it’s driving in a supercar or in beat-up old wreck, you can pretend you’re James Bond and fly around the racetrack like a man with an evil villain on his tail.

Luckily for you, the evil villain on your tail is probably just your future brother-in-law so, that’s always a relief.  Or is it??  If you want to get your adrenaline pumping and find out how Lewis Hamilton spends his days, this is a superb post-covid stag party idea. 


The pandemic has impacted everyone, and we’ve all paid some sort of price in the hope of keeping ourselves, and other people, safe. Weddings have been cancelled and postponed, and all the great events that are held on the run-up to the special day have fallen by the wayside.

Now that we seem to finally be able to see the light at the end of a very, very long tunnel, it’s time to get together with your stags, discuss budgets, schedules, and suggestions for activities and locations. For 2022, it’s your sworn duty to ensure your stag party after covid is twice as good as it would have been before this whole sorry mess started.

Whatever you get up to, as long as you’ve got all your best mates around you, how can it possibly NOT be the best time ever?

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