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The BIG List Of Stag Do Ideas

Looking for stag do ideas? Check out the top ideas by category. Believe us – it has everything you’re looking for.

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Skydiving group as their stag do ideas

Are you the lucky lad and you’re stuck for stag do ideas? We’ve done the research so you can pick a top idea that’ll impress the lads and take all the credit.

We’ve compiled the BIG list of the top stag party ideas, organised by category so you can browse the ideas that best suit your lads. Have a read-through and chat with the group!

Luxury ideas

An image of Las Vegas city
Image by TravelScape on Freepik
  1. Book your flights to Las Vegas and have a wild weekend of parties, girls and gambling.
  2. Dress up to the nines and head to a casino for a night of gambling and, hopefully, some big wins.
  3. Like horses and gambling? A day at the races might be for you. They always have bars there.
  4. Hire your very own supercars and drive along the coast or on the autobahn in Germany.
  5. Hire a yacht or catamaran and head out onto the water for a boat party of epic proportions.

Alcohol-focused ideas

A group of guys on a stag do sharing pints of beers
Image by drobotdean on Freepik
  1. Get your names on a list for a brewery experience to learn about how the local products are made.
  2. Book yourselves up on a pub tour so you can experience the best tipples and secret local haunts in your chosen destination.
  3. Guys who love drinking beer while keeping fit can do both simultaneously on a group booze bike or pedal pub crawl. It’s the best way to see a city while having a few jars.
  4. Schedule a booze cruise down the closest waterway for a chance to see the scenery while sipping on some cider.
  5. If you like your drinks really cold, check your area’s ice bar availability as a very cool thing to do on a stag do.

Relaxed things to do

  1. Comedy club gigs are always a good thing to do on a stag do when everyone’s in the mood for a proper laugh.
  2. Head into the hills for a weekend of camping and outdoor cooking.
  3. Hire out a house at the beach and chill with drinks, surfing, good food and maybe a night out in town.

Challenging stag do ideas

  1. Spice challenges are the ultimate way to see just how much heat you can handle by munching on a variety of chillies and seeing who’s the first to concede. Buy your own chillies or head out for a curry and order the hottest thing on the menu.
  2. If you think you could take on Man Vs Food, an eating challenge allows you to scoff as much as you can against the clock and see which of you has a champion belly.
  3. Learn how to get by in the wild with a weekend at an extreme survival camp.
Two large meat burgers for a stag do eating challenge
Image by stockking on Freepik

Sexy ideas

  1. Book a stripper to come to your accommodation
  2. Go see a mud-wrestling show
  3. Head to a burlesque club
  4. Book a barmaid pub crawl to tour your stag destination’s best spots with a beautiful guide

Destination-focused ideas

  1. Sign your group up for an iPad treasure hunt and get a chance to see the best of your stag destination while hunting for goodies.
  2. Foodie groups can enjoy the best local produce and delicacies with a food tour in the city of your choice.
  3. Take a helicopter tour and get a unique view of your destination
  4. Ghost tours are a great thing to do on a stag do if you’re heading to a city and want to find out what lies beneath the streets.

Shooting ideas

  1. Test your aim with a few rounds at a gun range.
  2. Shoot your mates in the nicest possible way with a day out at extreme paintball. 
  3. Pretend you’re the ruler of Sherwood Forest with a spot of Battlezone archery.
  4. Tank paintballing is a whole new take on regular paintballing. You really don’t want to be splattered by a full-size tank gun.

Sports and active ideas

A man snowboarding midair
Image by pressfoto on Freepik
  1. Channel your inner Vince Vaughan with a group extreme dodgeball competition.
  2. Have a go at google football and see if you can manage to score a belter despite not *actually* knowing how far or close the ball is.
  3. Cricket fans can book their squad up for a few innings of turbo cricket before heading to the pub for tea and a few pints.
  4. Head to a snowy destination and hit the sleds with a bobsledding session.
  5. Grab a lesson at your local ski centre and try out either regular skiing or a spot of snowboarding. Whether you’re a pro or you’re new to the slopes, it’ll make for a unique stag do trip!
  6. If you and the lads love your footie, a stadium tour is a great thing to do on a stag do. You’re usually never too far away from one at any time. Hopefully, Premier League as opposed to Sunday. 
  7. F1 fans can take their pick of the fixture calendar and check out a race.
  8. Check out your location’s footie fixtures and grab tickets for a game with your mates
  9. If you’re heading up Scotland way, it’s wrong not to test your caber tossing skills at an arranged Highland Games. It sorts the men from the boys.
  10. Get kitted out in inflatable sumo suits and wrestle your mates in the classic Japanese sport

Water-based stag do ideas

  1. For coastal things to do on a stag do, sign yourselves up for a spot of deep-sea fishing and see who can net the biggest catch
  2. Find out what everyone’s raving about with some paddleboard lessons.
  3. Hire a self-drive hot tub boat and chill out while you cruise down the river, beer in hand.
  4. Book a chill surfing lesson and take to the waves

Nerdy ideas

Stag parties don’t have to be all about beers, pranks and embarrassment (although you can work those in if you like). We celebrate the geek grooms out there that want stag do ideas that celebrate their passion, no matter which fandom or sub-culture they belong to.

  1. See how well everyone works as a team by challenging them to see if they can get themselves out of an escape room in the allotted time.
  2. Book a Jedi lesson (BYO lightsabres optional).
  3. Head out to a bar-cade (bars with retro games, arcade games and board games)
  4. Dress up and go to Comic-Con
  5. Book a spot in your local table quiz
  6. Hold a gaming night at home and play into the wee hours
  7. Take part in a medieval jousting tournament
  8. Play the Wizard’s Staff stag drinking game (as you drink cans of beer, stick them together to make a staff – the biggest staff wins).
  9. Host a board game night at home or in your stag accommodation
  10. Dress up as Marvel characters and go on a pub crawl

Adrenaline stag ideas

You can’t have a list of stag do ideas without the obligatory adrenaline activities. We’ve listed some classics but you’ll also see some options you’ve probably never heard of or considered!

  1. Pretend you’re Hannibal from the A-Team with a tank driving experience for you and your mates.
  2. If you’ve always fancied you’d be an excellent lumberjack, show them what you’re made of with a few rounds of axe hurling. Not hitting the bullseye at this event can result in loss of limbs. This is definitely one of the more extreme things you can do on a stag do.
  3. Head to an amusement park
  4. Book a zero-gravity experience
  5. If you like fast driving and lots of mud, dirt buggy driving might be right up your street for things to do on a stag do. It’s an adrenaline junkie’s dream activity.
  6. Fire eating is a challenge for anyone who is brave enough to give it a go. Will you all be up for it?
  7. Book the lads up for an afternoon of canyoning and indulge in some abseiling, mountaineering, and swimming. It builds up a good thirst. 
  8. Going somewhere mountainous? Get yourselves some cliff-jumping lessons.
  9. Get your adventure on with an afternoon of flying through the air on a zip-wire experience.
  10. Blind driving is the ultimate test of skill. You may be an excellent sighted driver, but how will you fare when you can’t see where you’re going?
  11. Book a car-smashing session in Europe and let it all out on that hunk of metal.
  12. Believe you really can fly with an afternoon of sky diving. What goes up must come down. And it tends to come down at an alarming speed.

Unusual & creative ideas

If the groom is a bit creative, flamboyant or just looking for something really unusual, then check out these slight different stag do ideas.

  1. If you’re the musical sort, a lip sync style battle will allow you to dress up like Beyonce because you can’t sing Crazy in Love properly unless you’re in character.
  2. Arty types can sign up for a life drawing session and see if you’ve got mad skills a la Picasso.
  3. If you were fans of The Cube on TV, you can now partake in your own games and challenges in your destination
  4. Indulge in a gentleman’s only afternoon tea with your mates. Pinkies out are optional
  5. If you reckon you’d make an excellent Poirot, test your investigative skills with a murder mystery dinner
  6. A DJ masterclass will sort out the fat boys from the Fatboy Slims
  7. Fans of The Walking Dead will love a zombie masterclass in an abandoned warehouse


There’s no end of stag do ideas across the UK, Ireland and Europe and it really comes down to the group involved and just how willing you are to take on new challenges. Put your fears aside and go all out for an awesome time with your best mates or just sit back and chill with some relaxing activities and focus on quality time with the groom.

It’s time to make some unforgettable memories…in a good way, of course. 

Don’t forget to send the big list of hen do ideas to the bride as well!

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