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Your Best Man duties

Being a Best Man is not as heavy duty as being a Maid Of Honour. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can coast your way through it. There are a 6 main Best Man duties you must do to say you’ve done the job right:

  1. Plan the stag party
  2. Help choose the suits
  3. Organise the rest of the groomsmen
  4. Safeguard the wedding rings
  5. Make an epic Best Man speech
  6. Support the Groom on the wedding day

Best Man duties & advice

The Best Man speech

Second to maybe only the stag do, your Best Man speech is the most important of all the Best Man duties. What happens on the stag stays on the stag but what happens at a wedding in front of the couple’s friends and family will be remembered forever. So, you can’t afford to get this one wrong.

Luckily, delivering a funny, heartfelt, cheeky and memorable Best Man speech is easier than you think when you have the right advice.

Best Man speech advice articles

The greatest Best Man speeches on the internet

Best Man FAQs

If you’ve been asked to be a Best Man and you have no idea what that means for you, we recommend you check out our Best Man duties section above. But we’ve also put together these top questions most Best Men ask, to help clarify the small details.

It’s most common for the Best Man to be the Groom’s brother, best friend, a close relation or even colleague. Someone the Groom loves and trusts to support them on their wedding journey, plan an incredible stag do and be there for them on the wedding day.

However, it is becoming more common for the Groom to choose a Best Woman, a Man Of Honour or even have a combination of people make up the Best Man role. It’s just important that it reflects the Groom’s closest people who he wants with them for support and shenanigans.

Absolutely! It’s becoming much more common to break tradition and have different combinations of people represent the Best Man spot.

For example, if a Groom has two brothers, a brother and sister, or two best mates who they’d like to name Best Men or Best People.

There are no hard. andfast rules when it comes to modern weddings. So, technically, the answer is no. However, tradition would see the Best Man normally make a speech at the wedding.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate your relationship with the groom, the couple’s wedding and to show a bit of your personality and have some fun with it.

If public speaking is a real problem for you, speak with the groom about some possible alternatives, like a joint speech with another groomsman or skipping the speech altogether.


Nah, this particular tradition is becoming less and less common. Check with the Groom if they’re going for a full-on traditional reception but we wouldn’t be surprised if you can skip this Best Man duty.

There are some Best Man duties that don’t often make the official list because each Groom wants different things and each wedding is unique. Some examples are:

  • Carrying emergency items for the Groom (e.g. deodorant).
  • Organising a flash mob dance with the other Groomsmen as a surprise for the Bride.
  • Keeping an eye on elderly relatives or special guests at the wedding.
  • Acting as an MC at the reception, instead of just making a speech.
  • Making sure guests leave the reception ok if they’re a bit tipsy.
  • Cleaning up after the reception.

Any other questions about being a Best Man? Let us know! We’ll answer your query and add it to list for future dudes.


Being asked to be a Best Man is a huge responsibility with lots of Best Man duties you have to remember. But it’s also a huge honour and a way to support (and tease the shite out of) your best mate, brother or main man. So, enjoy the ride!

If you’re really stuck for ideas or you’d like to chat with a team member about your stag do trip ideas, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk everything through.

Check out our guide to the best stag party ideas and browse The Stag’s Balls Blog for more stag and Best Man inspiration.


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